Common uPVC Door Lock Problems

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Durable and low maintenance, uPVC doors are extremely popular with homeowners. They are also highly robust, and with their multipoint locking systems, are much more secure than other types of doors.

However, uPVC doors can also suffer from some common faults. Here some of the most frequent complaints and common uPVC door lock problems that occur.


uPVC door won’t lock

This is one of the most common uPVC door locking mechanism problems. If all of a sudden, you can’t lock or unlock your uPVC door, there could be a number of issues at play. A lot of the time, it could be a simple case of wear and tear, which can be sorted by replacing the gearbox.

Generally, locksmiths carry a range of gearboxes in their vans so it’s possible for the problem to be fixed on the spot.

If your uPVC door won’t lock even when the door is open, it could be because of multipoint lock damage, a problem with the lock cylinder, lack of lubrication, or misalignment.

uPVC door is misaligned

In our experience, another uPVC door lock problem that happens quite frequently is when the door becomes misaligned. uPVC doors are susceptible to expansion and contraction – and even just being 1-2mm out of line can be enough to stop a door from locking or unlocking.

Misalignment can be caused by a number of reasons, including loose screws on the top hinge of the door, wear and tear causing the door to sag, or if the door has recently been taken off for painting but hasn’t been put back on properly.

Furthermore, extreme temperatures in the summer or winter can cause uPVC doors to warp, causing issues with the alignment.

Correcting this type of uPVC door lock problem is relatively easy, and in most cases can be done by adjusting the lock strike/keep or roller points, or by adjusting the door hinges. It shouldn’t take a qualified locksmith long either, so it’s an affordable fix that won’t set you back too much.

uPVC gearbox failure

If your uPVC door won’t lock when left open, one of the most common causes is gearbox failure. This type of job can take from 30 minutes to repair, depending on the complexity of the problem. For instance, a French uPVC door may take longer if the door is in a closed position.

The most complicated part of this job is finding a replacement gearbox that has been discontinued, which does tend to happen sometimes. But in a lot of cases, there are alternatives that can be used. If your locksmith is unable to provide a replacement on the same day, they will order the part for you and rearrange another visit.

Most uPVC door locks cannot be sourced from hardware stores, but a good professional locksmith will have a network of suppliers who are able to help them find parts that are no longer in production (or suitable alternatives instead).

uPVC door lock broken

Locks can break from pressure, and this can happen if you haven’t replaced your lock for many years. If you think your uPVC door lock mechanism’s broken, you’ll need to call a locksmith to arrange a replacement.

Materials in the locking part can experience fatigue and can become brittle with age. Changes in weather can also cause parts to break, snap or shatter.

To slow down the process of wear and tear and prevent uPVC door locking mechanism problems, it’s important to keep your locks lubricated. Graphite lubricant is the best choice for locks because it doesn’t attract dust and dirt, which can damage the mechanism.

In addition to lubricating your uPVC door locks, remember to get your locks changed periodically. Not only does this ensure maximum functionality of your doors, but it keeps your home secure.

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