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How to Choose a Locksmith

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Whether you’re locked out, dealing with a faulty door, or just looking for an upgrade to make your home or business secure, knowing how to choose a locksmith is important.

Your locksmith should be efficient, trustworthy and reliable. They should also be local, so they can get to you in good time, because as you know, problems with door and window security are a matter of emergency. Fast turnaround is key, but the price also has to be right too.

Read our guide for tips on finding a trustworthy locksmith, or a good emergency locksmith that doesn’t charge inflated prices!

How to choose a locksmith you can trust

The most important thing to consider when choosing a locksmith is finding someone you can trust, and this is why opting for a local company can often be the better option.

Reputable companies will be clear about the costs upfront, and would never conduct any work without discussing the price with you first. At Lock and Key Wakefield, we explain everything to our customers, and operate with complete transparency. If you feel like a company is being vague or not really explaining what the problem is, exercise caution.

Some things you should check before booking an emergency locksmith:

  • Is the individual DBS checked?
  • Is the company accredited?

We ensure all of our workers are DBS checked, and any other good locksmith company should do the same before sending people out. We are also City & Guilds accredited – a global leader in training – so you can rest assured our team is expertly trained and professional!

Local vs. national locksmiths

A local locksmith company can ensure quick turnaround, which is important when you’re dealing with an emergency. Furthermore, local businesses are often family run, meaning they have a personable approach to customer service. They don’t charge high premiums either and are often competitively priced.

But beware of national companies posing as local! This is sadly common practice, and many organisations claim to be locally based but they actually send out tradespeople who are only affiliated with them – not employed or trained. On top of this, their structure usually means charging customers extra to cover the additional time, admin and resource costs.

A local company like ours, on the other hand, is more likely to invest into in-house training, which ensures better control and governance. We employ, train and develop every member of our team ourselves, and would never send someone we didn’t know or trust.

Check their website

Companies with an online presence can help to provide the confidence you need when it comes to finding a trustworthy locksmith. A website or a social media page allows you to find out more about the business, where they are located, their background and experience, and what services they offer.

But not all companies that are visible online are great at what they do! Some of the biggest national companies could be on page one of Google, but it doesn’t guarantee the best service. So be sure to check if they have any reviews, and try to find out more about how they operate.

If you want to know how to choose a locksmith that’s affordable and reliable, remember to check their credentials!

Lock and Key is a local locksmith (Wakefield based with our own in-house trained staff) and we’re here to help if you need us!

Call 01924 378444 and we’ll aim to be there within the hour.

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