A Guide to Door Lock Types

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There’s a surprising variety of door lock types out there, so it’s no wonder so many homeowners are confused when it comes to identifying door locks in their homes.

At Lock & Key Barnsley, we have years of experience in the industry and have worked with all types of door locks imaginable. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand what you might have, and how to easily tell the difference between common door locks.

Types of Door Locks

When it comes to door lock types, there really are too many to mention (unless you want to read a 100+ page manual!). Luckily, residential properties in the UK tend to have a few common ones that you may have heard of already. Here are the usual door locks seen in homes today.

UPVC & Composite door locks

As uPVC doors are growing in popularity across the nation, this type of lock will be commonplace in most homes. Most uPVC doors and composite doors are secured with a multi-point locking system, but no matter the number of locking points, the level of security is determined by the euro cylinder itself. This is the part of the lock you actually put your key into.

Older door locks typically have very basic euro cylinders, unfortunately these are highly prone to common break-in techniques such as lock snapping. Fortunately though, it’s easy to upgrade the cylinders with Snap-Safe cylinders – without the need to remove or replace the entire lock mechanism!

Not sure if your uPVC door lock or cylinder is up to scratch? Get in touch for a FREE security check from your local Barnsley locksmith today!

High security Euro Cylinders

In addition to standard uPVC door lock types, you will also find high security euro cylinders (snap safe/anti snap), which have been designed to prevent the very popular method of lock snapping, used by many criminals today. Lock snapping is a common form of entry, with burglars being able to break into a property in a matter of seconds.

Mortice locks

A mortice lock is used on traditional timber doors. If you have a wooden door at your property, it’s very likely that you have a mortice lock. This type of lock uses traditional key locking or a euro cylinder locking mechanism, and is often seen in both external and internal wooden doors.

There are two main types of mortice lock to consider:

  • Deadlock (no latch and stays shut by locking with the bolt)
  • Sashlock (has a latch or tongue, so will stay closed and doesn’t need to be locked unless you want to secure the door)


Similar to Mortice Locks, Nightlatches are also used on wooden doors. This type of lock offers a very simple security solution, automatically latching the door shut behind you. Nightlatches are deadlocked when the door closes, making it hard for thieves to break in using basic credit card methods. You would need a key to open the door after it latches shut.

Identifying door locks easily

When it comes to identifying door locks, one tip is that multi-point door locks are longer and they feature multiple locking points, which will be visible. However, with so many door lock types out there, we can see how it can get complicated.

It’s also helpful to know whether you have a high-security door lock, so you can determine when you might be due a lock upgrade. That’s why it’s important to have a trusted local locksmith at your service.

At Lock & Key Barnsley, we can provide a FREE, no-obligation security check, identifying door locks around your home and advising on the best types of door locks (such as snap safe/anti-snap locks) to increase your home security.

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